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About us

About Our Company

Best Logistics & Marketing Solutions That Saves your Valuable Time!

Montreal Company Limited is an international marketing consultancy and logistic company in Tanzania covering the whole East, Central and Southern African Countries and also providing various end-to-end marketing and logistics services all over the world.

We are strongly represented by a wide network of partners and other agents, Who offer high quality, personified and exceptional forwarding services worldwide. We strive to become a valuable partner as far as organization, coordination, marketing issues, logistics accomplishment and distribution operations are concerned.

As a marketing and logistics company of repute, we are focused on providing our clients with some of the most economical rates available no matter the nature of consignments.



We understand, determine and deliver highest standard of services.


We build trust authentically by providing full services on marketing agencies and logistics.


We believe in maintaining long-term relationship and fairness in all our dealings.


We create value in our work through innovative thinking and ideas.


We passionately pursue the highest standards and strive to always excel.


We are commited to keeping our world and honouring our commitment.


Human Resource Management

Believes that the future of our organization depends on the attitude and competence of each member, perseverance, selfdevelopment, and create a corporate culture of respect each other.

Customer Satisfaction

We ensure that our company renders best satisfactory of our clients with high value on competitive fields. Our company ensures that clients demand will be guaranteed with best quality and services we provide.

Sustainability Management

Can only be realized in harmony with the balance of responsibility for economic, environment and social companies in order to grow continuously.


We are committed to providing safe, dependable marketing and logistics service to Our customer and To meet our goal, organization shall strive.

  • Prompt and positive response
  • Team performance
  • On time delivery of goods
  • To reduce customer complaints
  • With a mission to make continual improvement in all aspects.


Customers have the power to choose in this competitive and open market. Our aim is to provide high quality services along with fair and competitive pricing.